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On containers, sometimes this might be just a mold letter, but may stand for a specific glass company in certain cases. C highly stylized emblem seen on upscale tableware including tumblers …………. C in a circle…….. C inside a diamond…………. C in a pentagon……. Seen on base of glass figurines. C in a rectangle — Pic courtesy of Darlu Littledeer C in a rectangle…….

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To withstand the stresses of firing, a large pottery sculpture must be hollow and of an even thickness. There are two main ways of achieving this. Firing also protects the clay body against the effects of water. This forms a nonporous opaque body known as stoneware. In this section, earthenware is used to denote all pottery substances that are not vitrified and are therefore slightly porous and coarser than vitrified materials. The line of demarcation between the two classes of vitrified materials—stoneware and porcelain—is extremely vague.

An enormous glass punch bowl, stand and glass created for the St. Louis World Fair by the Libbey Glass Company. Find this Pin and more on that’s right, toledo by Samantha Siefert. The Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio — by throwingsofas.

Dating Pyrex Flameware Dating Pyrex Flameware Estimating the age of Pyrex opal glass kitchenware can most often be done by observing a few basic characteristics. While colors and styles of decoration. Welcome to the Pyrex Love Pattern Reference. You are currently viewing ALL Pyrex patterns. If this is your first time here, please read the sidebar at right for tips. Products 1 – 10 of 52 – Classic Kitchens And More: In , Pyrex introduced Flameware. It was called Flameware to indicate that it could stand up to being used on top of the stove, over flame.

For about 10 years,. He redesigned the Pyrex ovenware and Flameware. Information for The Vintage Pyrex Glass. Gift of Corning Inc. Date first available at Amazon, March 22,

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The company has delivered such a wide array of goods: The list goes on! Of course, many of these products were partly a reflection of longevity – the firm dates back to when it was originally founded as The New England Glass Company of East Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This set of four milk glass (made by either Fenton, Westmoreland or Indiana Glass) hobnail tumblers from the ‘s has a value of $ The coffee cups are worth $10 each, the vases are worth $20 to $25 each on average.

Looking for RS Prussia appears in several marks used on porcelain before Reinhold Schlegelmilch started his. The three marks above are authentic R. Look through the listings in the R. Prussia section of eBay at any time and you are almost certain to find at. Watch out for shoes, the. I will use the term “mold mark ” to mean a raised pattern, such as a circle, on the. The most common star marks RS Prussia collectors see are the 6-point and.

While many different marks were used on R.

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Not all Northwood patterns carry the mark, and in some patterns that do carry the mark, not all pieces may have it. Generally it’s a good guide to the authenticity of a piece, but bear in mind that Wright issued several patterns primarily the Grape and Cable butter dish and Grape Delight nut bowl with the mark. They were later forced to change the mark.

The absence or presence of the mark makes little difference in the value or desirability.

BOTTLE MORPHOLOGICAL TERMS. Before the moving into the main part of the Glossary, it is useful to have a quick overview of the basic physical features – or morphology – of a typical bottle.A somewhat stylized, “typical” bottle is illustrated on the following page: General Bottle of the “parts” of a bottle are easier to visualize than describe.

Decorative Window-panes of the s. Excavation of a glasshouse that manufactured window glass from about to Colonial Period to the Present. Ball and Philip J. Archaeological Survey, University of Louisville, Kentucky. Humanities Foundation of West Virginia, Charleston. Bastow, Harry American Glass Practice. Use of SEM in dating window glass. Glass and Pottery Publishing Company, Pittsburgh. Journal of Glass Studies 8: Glass Industry 39 9: Preservation Leaflet Series Association for the Preservation of Technology Bulletin 8 3: Shepard Medieval Painted Window Glass.

A Look at Highly Collectible Antique Carnival Glass.

Page history last edited by cynthia johnson 2 years, 3 months ago The Brilliant Period of American Cut Glass February 16, — August 17, The Mint Museum of Art Bridges and Levine Galleries This exhibition showcases cut glass from the American Brilliant Period; a forty year period when American cut glass art was revered throughout the world. American craftsmen and manufacturers were determined to show the rest of the world that the United States was developing its own expertise in its creative and industrial endeavors.

The raw materials and processes for creating glass improved during the same time that many European glass makers immigrated to the United States. High-end consumers valued the glass and helped to create a demand that fueled creative competition.

Viking Art Glass, as well as related items by Beaumont, Dalzell, Pilgrim, and Silver City. It is our hope that the aficionado and the auctioneer, the curious, and the collectors of all things made of glass will bookmark this site and come back often.

Industry Secrets Revealed to help you succeed. The way I figure it, if these were my thoughts, then other dealers probably think the same thing. This gives us the opportunity to find those rare and expensive Lenox pieces at very low prices. One of the pieces most sought after are the Lenox steins. These may go for top dollars if they have the early marks. Many other items will bring a couple of hundred dollars or more such as lamp bases, pitchers, plates, Toby jugs and vases. Lenox produced porcelain similar to Belleek, made in Ireland.

This is a very well made china that is still being made today. Most china, with the exception of Meissen, and a few others fall in the category of garage sale items, and I had always considered Lenox in that class until I did a little research. If you see the name Ceramic Arts Company anywhere, know that this company was founded by Walter Scott Lenox in along with his partner Jonathan Coxon. Just one small example of this knowledge gained recently — I never associated Ceramic Art Company with Lenox.

The Lenox marks have changed over the years, and the earlier wares command the higher prices. This is no different than Belleek, who have changed not only their mark, but the color of them.

Numbers Stack Up Quickly at Auction of American Brilliant Cut Glass

How They Are Forged Most acid etched forgeries have traditionally been made with rubber stamps. Steps in making a new rubber stamp to apply the forged marks are simple and inexpensive. The most frequently forged acid stamped marks are those on American Brilliant Period cut glass. Forged marks on cut glass are so common that most advanced cut glass collectors ignore acid stamped marks altogether. Experienced cut glass collectors and dealers who specialize in cut glass, generally focus on the pattern, shape and quality of cutting not on marks or signatures.

GLASS BOTTLE MARKS ~~~~ GLASS MANUFACTURERS’ MARKS ON BOTTLES & OTHER GLASSWARE ~ Page 2 Note: for introductory and explanatory comments and discussion concerning this section of the website, please click on the “A-B” link below which points to “page one” of these five alphabetically-arranged pages.

I have provided a short review of each site listed below I hope you find these links to glass related sites to be useful A major glass site on the web, Angela Bowey’s site in New Zealand has photographs and explanations of all types of glass, links to many other useful glass sites and a glass forum. This is definitely one site that all glass collectors and dealers should bookmark. Angela Bowey’s other glass site, The Glass Encyclopedia is intended to be the ultimate reference source on glass.

It covers a very wide variety of glass related topics that are updated regularly, building up to a fully comprehensive glass encyclopedia on-line. The is the first web site dedicated to providing a reference source for all matters relating to the collection of Cloud Glass. With numerous photographs and detailed text, this site is a superb source of information on Davidson’s Cloud Glass and Cloud Glass in general – a highly recommended glass web site.

NET Glen and Stephen Thistlewood invite you to visit their site to find out more about the magic, the mysteries and the beauty of Carnival Glass. If you can’t find the answer to your question on the site, you may contact them.

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The name was changed to Empire Crockery Manufacturing Company. By , it was changed again to Onondaga Pottery Company O. Farrar pottery[ edit ] In , William H. Farrar, who had recently arrived from Vermont in , started a small pottery business in the town of Geddes, New York , on the western edge of Syracuse , for making salt-glazed stoneware, an American ceramic product around since colonial times.

He was a member of an extended family of stoneware potters active in northern New England and Canada.

Collecting Pottery, Ceramics, and Glass Wonderful prices of Fan 4 and related items. Showcasing fan 4 in stock and ready for shipping right now on the internet.

My name is David Whitten. Where was it made? What was the name of the company or factory where it was produced? How old is it? Was it mass-produced by machine methods? What type of glass is it made of? Why is it a certain color? Who was the last person who used it and handled it before it came into your possession?

Where was the physical location of the sand supply that eventually was turned into the glass piece that you hold in your hand? Is it American-made, or a piece that was produced outside the United States? What do the markings mean?

New and Old Marks on Glass from Eastern Europe including Loetz, Moser, Czech

The life of Rene Lalique and his artistic career covered the three most significant movements in the field of decorative arts – Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Who was the famous glassmaker Rene Lalique? His mother quickly recognised her son’s artistic talent. Josef Riedel was born in in Polaun, Bohemia. He died on 17 March, , in Genoa, Italy, aged

Pressed glass square decanter: Cheryl needs help in dating this pressed glass decanter, whose marks are reproduced in the photo. The words Des Pat Pending appear above the marks. The words Des Pat Pending appear above the marks.

A-F Listed below you will find some of the many collectors societies and associations for the various types of glass collecting. This list is not yet complete and is being added to daily. Most of these which are posted are National glass collecting clubs. Ine the early part of the s he was experimenting with hard feldspar porcelain made from quartz, kaolin and feldspar. Barely a year later, Fenton introduced what was to be the very first kind of carnival glass that was actually accessible and not too expensive for the “normal” guy […] Royal Doulton Identifying Marks—Dating Royal Doulton, like any other company has, over the course of its existence, changed its mark several times, although in many cases the changes were slight in nature and did not completely change the mark or style.

The Royal Doulton company began to use its mark in about , and used that mark exclusively, save […] Belleek China Marks In a previous series on China marks we discussed the fact that due to lengthy histories, upheavals or simply the evolution of a company over a century or more, the marks used by the company changed, evolved or grew as the company grew. As most of you who collect glassware or china know, many of the companies who offer glassware, or have done so in the past, also offer […] Limoges:

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