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Your cart is empty! What follows is an excellent primer from the the users manual for the superb Day Sequerra Reference Tuner now discontinued The selection and installation of an appropriate FM antenna is arguably the most important aspect of receiving high quality FM broadcasts. No single antenna type, whether indoor or outdoor, is perfect for all receiving situations. The intent of this overview is to aid in the selection of an FM antenna that best suits your receiving location. The next few paragraphs describe the types of readily available FM receiving antennas. Even though a common outdoor television antenna may, in a few instances, provide acceptable results, antennas specifically designed to receive the FM broadcast band, generally 88 MHz to MHz, are the most effective for FM reception. The FM broadcast signal is VHF very high frequency in nature and generally can only be received within a distance known as “line of sight” Without hills, mountains, or buildings to impede its progress, an FM phenomenon commonly known as “diffraction” causes the FM broadcast signal to conform to the curvature of the earth for a distance of approximately 30 miles beyond normal line of sight.

How to connect 75 ohm antenna to single wire antenna FM tuner

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The RetroSound HPA1 amplified AM/FM hide-away antenna is a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to install a standard fender-mount antenna. The HPA1 installs in seconds using a standard antenna plug and your radio’s power antenna wire.

It does not matter if you have a CD loaded to enter this mode. Press service again and you get an antenna connection indicator. Another press shows signal strength, e. You can change stations and bands. Press again and you get a signal strength bar. Next Press shows MP: In AM mode no indicator numbers are shown. In FM, a number appears in brackets after the MP: Next press put the radio back in “normal” mode. I saw a suggestion that the root of the problem may be at the base of the antenna.

I was able to get under the headliner by removing the retainer which is right at the top in the wagon opening. One can then see the nut and wires that connect to the antenna. I tried this but it had no effect on reception.

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Our broadcasts are simultaneously in analog stereo and High Definition digital stereo. But if you live outside our primary coverage area you may have difficulty receiving KGNU FM, so we would like to suggest some options for improving reception at home. Use a good antenna: The antenna is a very important element in a home FM radio receiving system.

Jan 12,  · It comes with both an FM and an AM antenna. However i was under the impression that i could hook up my cable television to my receiver and get radio stations through it. I just want to make sure this is the case before i start connecting things.

Byron Collett at byron audioprism. Often, it’s very difficult to pick up desired stations inside an office building. The villains here are usually the metal-frame building which can shield the signals and prevent them from reaching your indoor antenna , fluorescent lighting fixtures which often produce broad-spectrum electronic noise , and interference-producing devices like computers and other office equipment. In some cases, locating a set of rabbit ears against an outside window can improve office reception.

As above, it’s important to try the antenna and radio in several locations around the office, sniffing out good signal areas. One positive thing about indoor antennas is that they’re easy to pack up and return to the store if they don’t perform. Be sure to determine the store’s return policy before you purchase any antenna. Talk to the equipment salesperson about your reception problem to establish in advance why you’re considering a new receiver.

A current-model receiver may only marginally improve reception, but may have other features, such as station pre-sets and digital tuning, which will aid in finding your favorite stations. Many “reception” problems turn out to be mechanical tuning difficulties with a hard-to-read or poorly calibrated dial, a problem quickly solved by a radio with digital tuning. Important radio technical specifications to look for are: Higher numbers indicate better performance.

The higher this number, the better. Most modern radios have respectable stereo separation and frequency response, as well as low residual noise and distortion.

Sony STR-DE475 – Fm Stereo/fm-am Receiver Manuals

Just saw this in the classifieds Describe your radio, does it have AM antenna terminals? A built in ferrite stick antenna? The best solution I have found for AM broadcast band is a loop.

How Can Someone Make a Homemade AM Radio Antenna? Radio users can make their own homemade AM radio antennae by winding a coil out of single-strand wire, grounding the wire and putting a portable radio near the coil. Important supplies include single-strand wire, cardboard, tape and a wire stripper.

The search is over The FMY-1 is the antenna of choice for the professional personal radio broadcaster! What does this mean to you? That extra “Punch” and extended range you’ve been looking for! Precision match tuning gives you an exact match to your operating frequency, at a VSWR of less than 1. This precision match, along with the heavy duty matching network and durable aluminum and plastic construction provides a maximum power rating of watts.

This antenna has a standard mount for your mast. Input connection is through a standard PL connector.

Sony STR-K502P – Fm Stereo/fm-am Receiver Manuals

TV also connected to powered antenna amplifier splitter works fine. FM mode produces only static. If I understand your setup, you’ve connected the receiver antenna terminal to the output of the antenna amplifier.

Sep 13,  · Edit Article How to Use Your Home Wiring as a TV or Radio Antenna. Despite the advance of modern digital broadcasting, there are certain instances where it could be beneficial to understand how to use your home wiring as a TV or radio antenna. For example, if you would like to receive local broadcast stations in your garage, basement, or other location without cable connectivity, Views: 84K.

They are quite rare and very hard to find in such pristine condition. It still has the original patina, dark brown and copper just like the factory produced them. So many of these radios have had the patina polished away, missing the reins or the saddle. Blake has replaced all of the paper capacitors, tested and replaced bad resistors and checked all of the tubes. He performed a proper alignment, making this little five-tube, AM only radio play like new.

A very cool gift for that horse lover, or man cave. Here is another one of a kind radio design! This Abbotwares “Horse with Saddle” is seldom seen, and when found is usually missing its saddle. It came from the estate of a Doctor in Auburn, Maine, who collected only the best of each radio.

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Dipoles work OK when the signal is adequate, but when multipath is stronger than the direct signal AND the tuner has inadequate alternate channel selectivity, it’s time to forget about clear reception and that’s what I have here- as I wrote, I’m very close to an antenna farm and that’s not good for someone who likes to listen to a college station that’s weaker than all of the others. Here’s a photo of the kind I’m referring to. It’s possible that some are two wires, but many aren’t and I have seen several that had been cut.

Sep 13,  · How to Make an FM Antenna. In this Article: Using a Coaxial Cable Using Speaker Wire Community Q&A. This wikiHow teaches you how to create your own FM antenna in order to increase your FM receiver’s range. Depending on your preferred range, you can do this by using either coaxial cable or speaker : M.

Another trim panel falling off. More trim coming off. Note the cut line for the plasti-veneer isn’t even straight. Panel fallen down behind stove. Dent, scrape or problem near roof – from delivery date. Wrote to Winnebago; copy to Jeff rvcountry. Also called Leonel because porch light, which was on list for repair, did not transfer to worksheet at Mike Thompson and because email addr. Tried to reach Jay at Winnebago. Called Winnebago again; Jay was out for training – they said he’d be back tomorrow.

Left my numbers in the msg.

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